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[Bitches of Middle Earth 1/?]


Here’s that preview I promised! We’ve received numerous requests for a Luna Pen.  So we have been experimenting and this is what we have come up with thus far.

A huge, super sparkly Swarovski crystal sits at the top of the pen! I’m really obsessed with incorporating Swarovski into every design ^___^ Right now the pen is a regular uncapped pen, but we’d really like to implement a twist mechanism (so the ink is retractable). However, we are a little stuck on this part. If anyone has any cost effective suggestions for implementing a twist mechanism we would really appreciate your input!

And just a reminder, yesterday we restocked Crisis Compacts, Cosmic Hearts, Eternal necklaces and started accepting pre-orders for our sterling silver Garnet orb




Finally! SEIL Bag - LED Equipped for Cyclists Source: jebiga.com

Making cycling safer I am glad someone has invented this.

This is fucking awesome.


Sure, puppies are cute, but they’re also quite complex. At TEDxZurich, systems scientist Nicolas Perony uses YouTuber Robert Gann’s Scottie Pinwheel to show how complex social structures emerge from a group of individuals following a common rule (here: keep access to milk).

Watch Nicolas’s talk to understand more about the simple rules that drive some of the astoundingly complex social behavior of other animals — like bats and meerkats.

Watch the whole talk here»


Elsa: I sang my heart out. I deserved that Golden Globe!
Anna: Why can’t you just… let it go?

"Working up a good sweat there, sir?"


I’m somehow becoming a Frozen fandom blog, but…